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As an Ohips Learning instructor, we allow you teach what you love or know. By using us , you can:
  • Help people reach professional and personal goals
  • Enable people Learn valuable skills applicable to your professional life
  • Benefit from the massive exposure our platforms provides
  • Become a nation builder by impacting lives
  • Earn extra and recurrent income that last for a lifetime

Lights, Camera & Action

Do you have a good smart phone with an excellent camera or DSLR? then start filming your first course in the comfort of your home or anywhere you are with good lighting setup.
If you are shy of the camera then no worries. With good screen captures software you can start recording your screen with your voice over it while you illustrate.

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We have an excellent team which reviews your course before publishing.
In case you're interested on turning into an instructor, if you don't mind apply on this page. After you submit the application , we will connect with you if there's a solid match with our vision. If it's not too much trouble, take note of that we can't react to every application, however we do keep all entries for future thought.

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